ADCC 2013 Highlight

A few weeks ago I posted the ADCC highlights from 2011. I do not only like the sport a lot but also the ‘soundtrack’ played by The Jezabels is in my opinion wonderful. Now, again Stuart Cooper used a song by The Jezabels for the 2013 highlights. Besides this, Kron Gracie (son of Rickson) won at the 2013 ADCC!

Sampha – Too Much

This is one of my favourite singers from the past years. This is his own version of the song he did with Drake. Good to survive this fall! ;)

Records from Surinam

This weekend I’m going to play old Surinam vinyl records at the Latin Dance Night. This is a major event of Latin music in the Netherlands. Mainly I will play songs from the late 60′s till the early 80′s, all from vinyl. In this time my dad moved from Surinam to the Netherlands, right before the independance of the former Dutch colony. This videoclips shows the market in Paramaribo – Surinam’s capital – in 1976. It’s a scene from the move ‘Wan Pipel’ (One people). The song is called ‘Okrosoppoe’ (okra soup) from legendary singer ‘Lieve Hugo’.

Animal Jiu-Jitsu

Lately I’ve been seeing several animals doing a natural form of BJJ on youtube. It’s really amazing to see how those animals fight and I’d like to share it with you.

The ‘mata leao’ can be called ‘mata kangaroo’ from now on..

Choking from guard is the new ‘mata leao’

What about the bear guard? As Joe Rogan says “That’s good jiu-jitsu”:

ADCC 2011 Highlight

I love this song (The Jezabels – A little piece) but most of all: I love this sport, this game, this competition. The ADCC is like the Olympics for the best ground fighters (grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling and so on) in the world.

Experiments in Speed

Some coole experiments in speed!

Rugby guys learn BJJ to improve their game

It’s very interesting one sport is taking it’s influence from another sport. This means revolution = evolution = progression. Rugby guys are learning how to make better takedowns by a BJJ black belt in Australia:

Evolution of Style – a Journey with Brennan Heart

An exciting documentary about the life and love for hard dance music of Dutch producer and DJ Brennan Heart:

TEAHUPOO – Inside The Monster

Although i’m not a surfer I like watching surf videos sometimes. Like this amazing one about the Teahupoo wave in Tahiti (French Polynesia):

INSIDE THE MONSTER from gilles HUCAULT on Vimeo.

Live @ Lowlands: Kendrick Lamar

Since a long time this was the first year I didn’t visit the Lowlands festival. A shame. I missed one of my favourite tracks from last summer which I was listening a lot to when I was laying on Barcelona’s beach.

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